Telegraph India: Dr. Tanya Chaudhari’s selfless acts in spreading breast cancer awareness earns her massive respect and recognition

She started the Breast Cancer Awareness Programme in 2018 and, since then, has been committed to her goals of making a difference in the lives of girls and women.

A lot has been spoken about individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs across the world doing extremely great in their respective industries. However, now is the time to know more about a few success stories that truly deserve the limelight and whose stories more and more people need to know about. So many women out there have been making their mark in their chosen industries and sectors. Today, these influential women act as great examples to society and need to be lauded more for their endless efforts. Dr. Tanya Chaudhari makes her mark exceptionally in this category and makes a huge difference in society as a doctor and social worker.

Dr. Tanya Chaudhari is the brain behind a certain Breast Cancer Awareness Programme, which she started in the year 2018, and since then, she has remained committed to her goals of making a massive difference in the lives of girls and women. Talking about her journey in this incredible awareness programme, Dr. Tanya Chaudhari says that so far almost 35-40 places have been visited in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, including towns, villages, cities, and schools, where she made around 10,000 girls and women aware about the same.

She credits her parents for motivating her to start her Breast Cancer Awareness Programme. Speaking on the same, she says that her father was born in a small village in UP. He always wanted to visit small villages and towns where he saw illiterate women who had no idea about women’s health. Hence, her parents began to visit these places and make them aware of about women’s health and hygiene. Taking inspiration from her parents, Dr. Tanya Chaudhari visited these places and realized the petty conditions amidst which they lived.

This opened her eyes and made her realize her true purpose in life, which has what helped her continue her work as a social worker with this awareness programme. Also, Dr. Tanya Chaudhari highlights why she chose to work around breast cancer awareness because all her grandparents passed away due to cancer. Hence, she did not want anyone else to suffer from the disease due to a lack of awareness.

Do check out her Instagram @officialtanyachaudhari or visit her website, http://www.officialtanyachaudhari.com/ to know more.

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